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Steady as she goes

someone else

Here I am again.

Feeling BAD. Again. I'm starting to think to myself that this is MY viscious cycle.

I really just want to apply for a credit card. Get one. Use it and move. OUT OF HERE. Here. This city, and me is what is making me feel this way. This city is toxic. And it is turning my skin yellow. You have to see it to belive it. I'm serious.

I'm sick , and I'm tired.

And you know the funny part?

It is ALL in my head, and I know it. I KNOW it.

Yea real funny.

There's another thing I might have to do now.

Let HIM go. It's something he needs to do, and I also know this.

And the saddest part is that I'll let him do it.


There's someone else...? I need the story.

You'll need a credit card with a pretty big limit.

It is in your head. You just need a vacation. I took off for a while, came back and now I LOVE this place. Plus, you live in Fruita. Fruita is like a disease; it's so constricting and evil! You need to move into town. Apartments next door to me are really nice and go for $375/month. Think about it.

Anyway, you said you would call me!! Grrr! ;)
Steady as she goes

April 2009

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